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Date: Fri 29 Sep, 2006 at 15:08
Headline: BoB Round #1

Greetings & Salutations!

Last night was our first Battle O' The Bands gig. Alas, we were not the victors, but it was an honor just to be nominated. Or something.

Truthfully, the whole "battle" aspect of this thing is not the point for us. That's never been our scene, and in fact almost kept us away from the project entirely, but I'm glad we decided to get involved. Treating it as an opportunity to simply get out and play our own tunes more often, which we've been aiming to do for some time now, has proven to be enjoyable and worthwhile so far. As a bonus, our performances are being filmed and broadcast for Comcast On Demand, and at the end of it all we will get to keep the raw footage. Pretty sweet deal, whether we accumulate any wins or not.

Last night's top honors went to Anything That Moves, a pop-punk trio with a goth-swing image who were definitely deserving. Their playing was tight, their songs catchy, and they had their stage presentation together in a way that neither we nor Token Betty (the third band on the bill) had managed. I got a chance to hang with their bass player Chris for a bit, and it turns out he'd heard of us -- he once attempted to attend a FloydShow but was stopped short by some unfortunate circumstances involving his SO. I told him we'd be sure to hook him up with tickets next time as compensation.

Our set was, frankly, a lot tighter than I thought it was gonna be, considering we went in more or less cold. I have been traveling out of the country for a little while, so the four of us only got one rehearsal together before this show, after having not played on stage in almost a month. I was so thrilled to be jamming again during that one rehearsal that I overdid it a bit and my right index finger had blistered rather badly. It didn't get much of a chance to heal up before the show, so by the time we got to the concluding finale of "Mr Serious" there was throb in my arm and a whitish mist creeping into my vision every time that finger touched a string. Not fun. Had I been thinking more clearly -- or indeed at all -- I would have switched to a pick for the entire set, but you live and learn.

Well, at any rate, you live.

We're commited to doing three more of these shows over the next six weeks, so hopefully we can tighten things up as we go, and have some fun exposing more folks to the Non-Pink side of what we do. I'm looking forward to it.