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Date: Tue 01 Aug, 2006 at 15:20
Headline: 25 Years Ago Today

Remember when the musicians were ugly and the music was beautiful?

(Early Internet Graffiti)

Today is the 25th Anniversary of the launch of Mtv, and VH1 Classic has been airing the initial 24 hours of music videos that the channel had to offer.

From the little bit I've been able to check out, I'm somewhat disappointed that they're not going all the way and doing a complete retro-broadcast, with uncut VJ segments and circa-1981 commercials. Still, it's interesting to see the videos of the time period; the legends-in-traning, the one-hit wonders, those artists who crossed over more or less smoothly, and those whose heretofore blockbuster careers abruptly ended when the world caught a glimpse of what they looked like up close.

And I must confess that I did get tiniest bit misty when "Video Killed The Radio Star" kicked things off. Partly nostalgia, sure -- I'm young enough to be part of the card-carrying Mtv Generation in a non-ironic way. I'm also old enough to truly understand the demarcation line that the broadcast of that video represents...and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

Or to quote Brian Wilson, maybe I "just wasn't made for these times."