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Date: Fri 14 Jul, 2006 at 22:22
Headline: Clarity Is Here!

(or "Clarity Phase Seven: What the pluperfect Hell was the point of the whole 'Phase' thing, anyway? Not only was it silly and pretentious, but you didn't even get close to seriously documenting the making of the album, you lazy twit, and furthermore...")


Hi There. Greetings & Salumafa....yeah. Ok.

Well, I have it, Marcus. I have it in my hand.

Actually I've had it for almost two weeks now, but we've only just now assumed the position where we can provide everyone else on the planet with the opportunity to have it as well.

Yes indeed, Clarity is now available to the masses in solid, shiny, material form. A "Great Pretty Thing," as my friend Jon would have said back in the day when this whole Compact Disc phenomenon was the dawn of a new and exciting adventure in musical entertainment.

This album seemed to take forever to make. We started writing in January 2004, didn't get around to recording until November 2005 and finally finished up mixing in June 2006. Along the way, we started touring the FloydShow for the first time, had a couple of lineup changes, and were generally beset by distractions and hurdles from all sides...but we kept plugging away, and I'm glad we did. Not merely glad to have it over with, but actually proud of the fact that we got it done, and despite the periods of ultra-burnout that Matt and I experienced (both consecutively and concurrently) during the process, it would seem from the opinions of moderately more objective listeners that we got it done right. I was hanging out with Flanders yesterday, the two of us discussing life and music and whatnot while his copy of the disc played in the background, and he positively gushed about it at points, making him the latest in a long line of friends, family members, co-workers and so forth who would normally be expected to give dismissive, patronizing "yeah, that's nice, whatever" reviews but instead are delivering rather surprised-sounding raves. Getting that sort of reaction is a cool drink of water after one hell of a long desert trek, let me tell you.

There are stories. Oh my stars and garters, there are stories. For each song that made it to this point there's a pool of sweat on the floor. For each one that fell by the wayside, it's more like a pool of blood. Perhaps I'll get around to some specifics down the road, but for now I'm just happy to have the thing done, happy to have it out there for all the world to hear, and deliriously happy about the (belated) Release Party taking place next month at The Depot.

On the occsaison of my bringing the first wave of finished discs to rehearsal to show the rest of the band, Matt turned to me at the end of the evening and said "I remember you were working on another set lyrics a while back...whatever happened to them?"

Heh. It begins again....