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Date: Wed 12 Jul, 2006 at 14:26
Headline: NW2 Revue

Greetings & Salutations!

Well, despite the loss of the Billings gig and some truly marathonic (possibly not a real word) driving, the NW run proved to be a lot of fun and a very worthwhile undertaking.

It was our debut at The Big Easy in Spokane and a return to the Cadillac Island Casino in Longview after a couple of years away. Both venues treated us quite well, and the folks who turned up to see the show weren't stingy with the love either. Got to stay in some rather swanky -- for us, anyway -- digs at the Red Lion in Spokane, at least for the brief time that we were not either at the venue or shuttling back and forth.

The shows themselves were interesting. Despite feeling that I was in shape enough to tackle 2+ hours on stage (our first full-length show in a few months) I was completely wiped at the end of the Spokane gig. The next night I fared better, managing to keep my energy up throughout and put a little more oomph into the performance. Both nights featured relatively small crowds, but composed of enthusiastic die-hards. Old Skool fans were especially prevalent in Spokane, where our connection with the audience really caught fire when we whipped out "Echoes" towards the end of the first set. It was good to see our friend Sarah Forsey again, who drove up from Portland to check out the Longview gig. The originals were well-received on both nights, and we even managed to sell a few copies of Clarity, which came off the presses just in time to take with us.

Many thanks to the folks at Bravo Entertainment for setting us up at TBE, the amazing staff at both venues for keeping us fed & sheltered and making us look & sound good (Best. Lighting. Ever.) and everyone who showed up and made us feel welcome. We'll be back later this Fall, so go forth and spread the word!

Shine On