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Date: Sat 15 Dec, 2001 at 00:00
Headline: Good Luck Charm

Greetings and Salutations!

Just got back from Getty's, where we had a very enjoyable show despite some rather daunting obstacles -- not the least of which was a killer storm, which even as I write this note continues to bear down on the Salt Lake Valley "like a shotgun full of snow" (to quote cartoon TV anchor Kent Brockman).

Groove Dilemma put in a much stronger set tonight than they did when we opened for them back in August. Their talent was never in question for me, but I think some technical issues hampered them last time out. Tonight their sound was much more together and I think it inspired them to a higher level of performance, particularly Tony Semerad's guitar playing. I hope we can hook up with them again sometime next year. For those of you interested in hearing more of Groove Dilemma, you can check them out at their web site.

We are now getting quite used to the special demands and rewards of playing as a trio. Whether we will retain this arrangement permanently remains to be seen, but I am happy to say that we were have managed to succesfully pull it off thus far. We've definitely come a logn way since the Tom Tom CD gig, where we tried out the format for the first time. It is unfortunate that we will not be able to retain Steve Urie on drums indefinitely, but we have greatly enjoyed the time we have spent with him...and I was happy to learn tonight that Steve has officially joined Jupiter, so I am excited to be to working with him again soon.

The set was a little heavy with the Pink Floyd covers tonight. Tim and I have Floyd on the brain right now, as we are planning a special PF tribute concert to be performed in the spring. We have assembled a team of fantastic musicians and a brilliant technical crew and are hopeful that we may be able to stage a show that will be looked on as worthy of our musical heroes. More details on that situation as we get closer to it...

Due to the storm, the turnout was not very large, but those who braved the weather to come see us and Groove Dilemma tear it up were very enthusiastic and we would like to think we made it worth their while. I want to give a Special shout-out to our friends Bret "good luck charm" Warnick, Amanda Zolman, and John Clark - they not only showed up and stayed till the end, but were also very compliemtary on the show itslelf. For one who has been having something of a crisis of faith lately, this show of support meant so very much. Thank You.

The Holiday Season is upon us, and I am looking forward to taking some time off to concentrate on friends, family, and the future. This has been a year of challenges both on micro and macroscopic levels, and I am hopeful that I have been able to learn from it all. To quote another of my musical heroes, "the promises of tomorrow and the coming year are awesome to behold".

God bless us, Everyone

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers