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Date: Mon 26 Jun, 2006 at 17:24
Headline: Interview Guy Mode

Greeings & Salutations!

Just got off the phone from a radio interview to promote the upcoming Billings show. It went pretty well...except for the fact that I didn't realize it was actually an inteview as such until about halfway through the conversation.

I should have realized from the guy's tone and inflection what was up, but I've known so many DJ's who are always "on" that I didn't think too much about it until it became unmistakable that he was mining for material with leading questions. He confirmed as much in an aside about editing the responses later, and I rapidly switched to "interview guy" mode...feeling kinda dopey about not being on the same page with him sooner.

So, the finished thing might come out a bit...odd.

Props to the DJ, though -- Dave Wood from KRKX, for those who may be interested -- for asking some cooler than usual questions, and being hip to the musical references dropped during the conversation. He even brought up our Marillion influence on his own. Nice.

As I said before, this upcoming run will bring us to some preivously unexplored territory. Looking forward to it.