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Date: Sun 04 Jun, 2006 at 23:42
Headline: Clarity, Phase Six: Approaching The Finish Line

Greetings & Salutations!

Well, that's it.

After many months of prepping, procrastination, productivity, and....some other alliterative words...Clarity is ready to roll. Matt put the final touches on the mix this afternoon, and we will be sending the disc off to be mastered and duplicated this week. We're hoping to have it in our hands by the time we hit the stage at the Utah Arts Festival on June 24, but in any case, we're just happy to be finally finished and excited to let everyone hear it.

"Mr Serious" (the first "single," as it were) has been uploaded for streaming at our MySpace page, and will be available as a hi-quality mp3 download from this site soon. The song is special for a couple of reasons: it was inspired by and is dedicated to one of my heroes in entertainment, the great Clyde Lewis, and although Clarity is the third SoN album, "Mr Serious" marks the first time that the entire band has collaborated on the writing of a song. If you've seen us play any time in the last year or so you've probably heard it already, but it feels good to have a definitive version finally down on,, digital media. Whatever.

All right, it's time to give the ears (and everything else, for that matter) a break. Good night, all.