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Date: Sat 06 May, 2006 at 10:08
Headline: Other People's Music

Greetings & Salutations!

Technically by writing this entry, I'm breaking the band's solemn oath to live our lives as if last night's gig didn't actually happen (5 people digging the show, 3 people heckling us, everyone else uttery indifferent, including the was a real clam-bake) but I just wanted to mention how much I've missed playing covers.

We used to do it quite a bit before the FloydShow really got rolling, at which point we decided that playing entire concerts of other people's music was probably enough of that type of thing and put a moritorium on covers during regular SoN shows. Due to the last minute and less than formal nature of last night's proceedings, we decided to throw a few in, just to spice things up -- Marillion's "Lavender," Catherine Wheel's "Black Metallic," and a song from Juli's solo country project called "Willing Heart" -- and I thought it was pretty, varying levels of performance quality notwithstanding. As we get into playing more and more original shows in the coming months (he said, with fingers and toes firmly crossed) it may be a fun trend to continue.

Ok, I'm done. Let us never speak of this again.