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Date: Sat 10 Nov, 2001 at 00:00
Headline: Old Friends

Greetings and Salutations!

It was a reunion in more ways than one.

Playing a show with The Opposable Thumb is something I have been looking forward to ever since I started this band. Their lead singer J Konig, guitarist Shawn Durrant and I played together in a group called Naked Orphans a few years ago. J graciously allowed me to record his song 'Poison Ivy' for our debut CD, and Shawn played on a few tracks as well. In the days of the Orphans, we shared the bill will the Thumb on many occasions, so it was extraordinarily cool -- if a little surreal -- to be once again playing with them, only with two of my former bandmates as two of their current ones.

(Did that make sense?)

Anyway, since we found ourselves without a drummer for this gig, we decided to whip out the acoustics and do an unplugged set. On very short notice, the semi-recently departed John Clark returned to the fold once again, and I daresay we aquitted ourselves rather well. Tim played an acoustic-electric six string borrowed from my cousin-in-law Aelisha Coleman, who attended her first SoN show in quite some time accompanied by her husband Travis and our friend and "good luck charm", Bret Warnick. After the set, dinner was had and laughs were exchanged. It had been far too long.

Every time I see the Thumb, they just get better. Adding J to the lineup has finally given them a solid voice, and Shawn's playing and presence has shaken up and improved what was already a very strong stage show. Last night they were tighter than...well, let's just say they were tight...and I have never seen J happier to be performing. Like all of the evening's other reunions, it did my heart good.

I would also like to add that Mo's is a fine estalbishment, and I'm not just saying that because of the free drinks they kept shoving at me. ;) Being primarily a restaurant, it can get away with bringing in an all-ages crowd while still serving alcohol and giving bands a decent forum in which to do their thing. It's the best of at least two worlds.

Well, it's one more show with our friends PI , then we are going to take a break from gigging (for real this time ) while we get our heads back in the game and lay down some solid plans for the future. I don't know exactly what lies ahead, but I do know that it will, if you'll pardon the vernacular, Kick Ass.

Thanks to everyone for being there. Stay tuned to the site for updates...

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers