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Date: Sat 22 Apr, 2006 at 12:10
Headline: Year Of The Return

Greetings & Salutations!

It was fast, loud, loose, chaotic, cathartic, terrifying, and ultimately a hell of a good time. And that was just the first song.

Took a long time to get things going, and there were some semi-frustrating mental gear changes to sift through, as we were certainly the low men (and woman) on the totem pole last night, and I think that we're all a little spoiled from the deference -- meager though it is in some cases -- that the FloydShow affords us. But on the up side, being made to wait for so long and then hurried into the set with no soundcheck and a dodgy stage mix definitely boosted the adrenaline, and the delays got a lot more people into the room to see us than would have been there had we started at our originally scheduled time. all worked out in the end.

Fozz came down to take some pics, shoot some video, and distribute the "Mr Serious" CD Singles...all of which were, shockingly, spoken for by the end of our set. Right on!

I hung around to check out Katagory V and The Iron Maidens, both of whom were awesome in their own individual ways, as different from each other as they were from us. As I suspected, even playing our heaviest material we were the lightest item on the menu last night. Nevertheless, I was approached by a surprising number of folks throughout the night who wanted to extoll the virtues of our sound and either the PA was better than I thought it was, or it was really, really worse. Either way, I appreciate that people were listening, and that our music fit reasonably well into the evening's festivities.

So far, this has been the Year Of The Return. The Return of DC. The Return of The Music. Return to a bunch of venues that we thought we may never see again, and last night was a Return to the path of our original ambitions -- a small but significant step towards the place we've been aiming for since day one. As I told the guys aferwards, the gig may not have been prestigious, but it was definitely important.

Many thanks to Mr Toast, Troy Fillmore, Dave, Dusty, Dan and everyone else at Club Vegas, the gentlemen of KatV and the ladies of the Maidens, and of course to everyone who came to check out the show.