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Date: Tue 21 Mar, 2006 at 22:56
Headline: Continuity

Greetings & Salutations!

Currently listening to: David Gilmour's new album On An Island. How very cliched and predictable of me.

Actually, it's performing a kind of therapy at the moment. I've been frustratedly mulling over the running order for Clarity, our own upcoming collection of new tunes. Before we started recording, we had a pretty good idea of how we wanted things to flow, and have stuck by it up to this point...but now that we're nearing the home stretch and hearing clearly how the songs actually come across (as opposed to the way we heard them either on the demos or in our heads) it has become apparent that some changes may be in order. And for the life of me, I just can't seem to get the pieces to fall into place the way they should.

On the one hand, I imagine that Gilmour must have had a harder time of it, considering A) how important running order has always been to his music, Floydian or otherwise, and B) that the majority of On An Island's songs are of a decidedly laid-back, dreamy, subtle vibe. Placing them in an attention-holding order and trying to inject more energy into the album's journey must have been a challenge. Then again, that very sameness to the album's feel might be more of a strength than a weakness in the end; knowing that the die has been cast tone-wise, perhaps it's easier to construct a more natural continuity. I'm listening intently right now because for whatever reason, the guy seems to have pulled it off: a perfect platter it may not be, but the album flows beautifully.

You see, despite our best efforts to be homogenous and marektable (or at least moreso than we were last time) Clarity is another album of many moods and modes, and the order in which we arrange things will determine the ultimate impression that the listener receives. The optimal arangement is still eluding us, but I believe in the strength of the material. Eventually, it will tell us where it needs to go. Hopefully, we'll be listening. In the meantime, I plan to overthink things and get all rankled. It's what I do.

And now, I've wandered very, very far from the original point of this entry, which was to talk about last night's activities.

We needed some new promo pics for our current crop of press kits, so Fozz came up to take a few shots. It was cold and everyone felt silly (as is our wont) but we got some pretty good stuff. We then repaired to Matt's basement to rehearse for our upcoming gig opening for The Iron Maidens. For the first time in far too long, we're going to be whipping out an all-original set, and I couldn't help but grin insanely as we ran through old tunes like "Do Me," "Stolen," "Atmosphere," and "Better Than Life," and started working up live versions of new songs we have only ever played while recording. The performances were rusty and loose, to put it politely, but that's to be expected as we haven't played these songs together in...well, years in some cases, especially with DC in the mix. Actually that last thought alone kept me in an up mood throughout; it felt good to have that chemistry back, that sense of continuity, to hear those songs played with the spirit in which we recorded them. Can't wait for this gig.

Ok, enough effusiveness...back to the head-scratching...