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Date: Mon 05 Dec, 2005 at 12:29
Headline: Clarity, Phase One

Greetings & Salutations!

I'm happy to report that the first phase of recording the new CD has been completed. On Saturday 11/19/05 we set Daryn's drum kit up at The Second Bedroom 2.0 and got to work. Yesterday, we wrapped drums and began moving on to the next layer of sound. We're actually a little ahead of schedule at this point, which bodes well for keeping to our self-imposed deadline of having basic tracks finished by the end of the year.

DC's playing was great, as always; energetic, articulate and powerful. From songs that we had been rehearsing since September to things that we were literally making up as we went along, he rolled with it and pulled off one stellar performance after another. As I listen back to the drum tracks, I can't help but feel that the endless delays that we've suffered to get this project started -- long enough to bring him back to the fold -- have all been worth it.


I finished a few bass lines yesterday, and plan to hit more this week. We're now moving from the phase of recording that I enjoy the most (studying the drum tracks and finalizing my parts) to the phase that I enjoy the least (facing the red light and actually playing said parts) but so far it's been going fairly smoothly. Happily, we're not paying for studio time, so any frustrating self psyche-out moments leading to multiple takes only hurt the pride, not the pocketbook as well.

In other news, the FloydShow is headed back to the stage next month with a return engagement at Cisero's, followed by what promises to be another rockin' Colorado run. We're also working on setting up a number of Salt Lake shows for Spring 2006, as we've been MIA from the hometown stage for much too long.

More to come...