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Date: Fri 18 Nov, 2005 at 00:37
Headline: La Noche Del Roja Loco

Greetings & Salutations!

Well...that was bracing.

This morning, I got a call from Ray Opheikens of Crazy Red, asking if I could fill in for a gig tonight. Even though I hadn't touched a keyboard with serious intent for months, the promise of musical adventure (and the prospect of a couple of extra bucks in my pocket) proved too much to resist.

Making things a little tougher, I was not going to have any real time to refresh my memory or practice parts. I had to give a presentation for Iodynamics earlier this afternoon, drive straight to the gig for load-in, scribble a few hasty notes on chord changes here and there throughout my printed set list, and rely on adrenaline and muscle memory to do the rest. Fortunately, a big chunk of the set list was comprised of tunes that I already knew, either from the Jupiter days or my brief stint filling in keys for Longshot last year.

The gig was at a private party for Spring Communications, and set at the company's location in a mini-mall-esque space on Wasatch Blvd. We set up on a balcony overlooking the festivities. It was great to see John & Ray again, hang out for a bit and catch up on what's been happening in everyone's lives and bands. I was surprised to learn that C-R's drummer, Dave Geiselmayr, is currently playing with Achilles Last Stand. Between that develpoment and Ray recently joining Cold Fire, I think another stab at local tribute festival action is going to be inevitable in the months to come.

The gig was cool. Not a lot of actual dancing from the patrons (we were more background music than anything, for the most part) but those who paid attention seemed to appreciate our efforts all the same. I enjoyed the second set more than the first, because we opened up some of the tunes for jamming and got to dig a little deeper. Dave is a drummer who shares a lot of my rhythmic sensibilities and was easy to lock in with; I found myself playing keys more like a bass player during these sections. Fortunatley I didn't make too many mistakes, and I was more than happy to lay out during the songs I didn't know and watch the others rock out. Johnny & Ray were fab as always, and C-R's vocalist Nickole Isakson has so much soul it's scary. She threw herself into all of the band's multi-genre repertoire with aplomb, but it was the old R&B stuff on which she shone most brilliantly. Johnny mentioned that they have been thinking about slipping some original material into their shows, which I think would be fantastic to hear. The covers are fun, but they're all too talented not to be blazing their own trail.

Speaking of which, this Saturday we will begin laying down tracks for the new CD. I know, deja vu...except now it's Daryn behind the drum kit, which makes a huge difference in so many ways, all of them positive. The songs are sounding great in rehearsal and I can't wait to get them committed to,, digital media. Whatever. Point is, it's an exciting time in SoNWorld.Cool

Thanks to the C-R folks for a fine evening.

No, really. Thank you.