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Date: Wed 05 Oct, 2005 at 19:52
Headline: Serenity....uh, now?

Greetings & Salutations!

It's been a nice evening.

I spent most of today at the Iodynamics office, finishing up various and sundry tasks which are pertinent to my job, as well as finally sorting out some lyrics for a few songs that have been nagging at me. Took the bus/walked home, which was a bit of a temperature endurance test. Though it's been nice to have blue skies again after several days of wet, steely gray, winter is definitely just around the corner. Had a nice dinner, and now I'm basking in a glorious sort of not-much-to-do-ness, the first time in a few days that I haven't heard an insistent internal voice screaming "ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING, YOU TWIT!" It feels the relief you get when you stop hitting yourself with a hammer.

The band has begun the task of breaking Daryn in on the new material which we will be recording soon, and so far it's working out well. Monday night we spent some time on "Saving Grace", a song which has been on deck for a long while waiting for a turn at bat. I think it's coming together nicely; not only did DC come up with a fresh rhythmic approach to the song, but Tim has modified the verse melody in a way that I think will really help the lyrics & vocals jump out more than they had before. We're planning to begin recording drums next month, and pushing for a Spring 2006 release as hard as we can.

Went to see Serenity twice last weekend, and loved it madly. I was already a fan of Joss Whedon's funky space western tv show Firefly, on which the flick is based, but I think it can and should appeal to the uninitiated as well. It didn't exactly get off to a gangbusters start at the box office, but hopefully good word of mouth and the expected strong DVD sales will be able to turn enough of a profit that we may see a sequel one day. In the meantime, I'm just happy to have new Whedony goodness to enjoy. Itching to see it again already...

I've been entertaining myself this week with the DVD that Fozz made of the 9/24/05 concert. Even shot on a tripod from the back of the hall with audience heads crowding the frame from time to time, the whole thing is just so very, very pretty. I can't get over The Amazing Patrick's lighting design, and how well it all integrated with the screen & music. Oh, and the band didn't suck that night, either (talk about a nice evening) and playing it at 2x speed on my computer's DVD player has the added benefits of being time-efficient and hilarious. :)

And that's the news, folks. I'll be back with more recording reports soon.