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Date: Sun 11 Sep, 2005 at 17:12
Headline: Family Reunion

Greetings & Salutations!

Friday's gig was notable for a number of reasons. It was the first time we had used a screen at Cisero's, the first gig we had played in Park City since January, the first gig we had played in Utah since June, and the first gig we'd played with Daryn Campbell on drums since 2003.

Quite a shindig, it was.

We delayed showtime by 15 minutes or so and the set ran longer than expected, so it was well past 1:30 when we took our final bows, but there were folks there to cheer us on all the way through. Good mix of virgins and veterans. Lots of dancing. Unfortunately we weren't able to get the projector running through the club's TV system, but our smaller temp screen made of plexiglass worked out pretty well, even after being accidentally semi-shattered by yours truly, and just having Fozz around in general (again, unusual for a Cisero's gig) was great fun.

Musically, things were tight...tighter than usual, for the most part. The task of getting Daryn up to speed with the tunes has required much more rehearsal time than usual, and whether we want to admit it or not, that extra effort has sharpened us up quite a bit. I'm very much looking forward to taking this revamped, re-energized band on the road in a couple of weeks. Just gotta get that damn fog machine fixed.

Thanks to Jimmy, John, Carl, and all the folks who both showed up and stayed. It was a blast!

bye for now,