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Date: Wed 20 Jul, 2005 at 16:10
Headline: Night & Day

Greetings & Salutations!'s been a weird week.

I've taken a part time job doing NAC business delivery for downtown Salt Lake, as they've been farming out a lot of their routes to independent contractors and my cousin's family has taken over one of them. Ah, the joys of a graveyard shift, which I haven't experienced in over a decade. I'm also still working as a sales rep/all around gofer for Iodynamics, Fozz's company which specializes in networking solutions, web design, Internet connectivity, and a cornucopia of other computer-related services. My time with them is split between working from home and occasionally stepping into their newly opened Salt Lake office, all done during daylight hours. I've also been helping my wife and daughter get ready for a trip abroad which they will be taking in the next few weeks, and as always continuing to press forward with band-related endeavors. Oh, and somewhere in the last little while, I've also managed to fit in a reading of Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince...out loud, no less. The plate runneth over, or something.

As a result of all these goings-on I've been sleeping opportunistically, in short bursts of 2 or 3 hours, and the effect is not the loopiness of sleep-dep, but more a strange and eerie calm. I feel as if I haven't been sleeping at all, and yet I'm not ever truly tired. The nights and days have lost definition, blurring together into a single neverending chronological tunnel. Very odd sensation. I wonder how long I can keep it up before my nervous system just de-rezzes into the ether. Should be a kick finding out.

In BandWorld, recording continues, and I continue to be all aflutter with the results. Last Saturday we nailed down drum tracks for "Clarity", "Amazed", and "The Midas Touch", as well as a decent first pass at "Visiting Mussolini." This Thursday we'll reconvene to polish that last one up, and take a stab at "Mr Serious" and a few more.