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Date: Fri 01 Jul, 2005 at 10:39
Headline: Getting Some Air

Greetings & Salutations!

Wednesday night's show at The Gallivan Center was tremendous. Nice stage, fresh air, and the largest, loudest local audience we've ever experienced. There were massive cheers from beginning to end, and the front-of-stage area just got more and more crowded as the night went on. How I wish we could do this night after night after night after night...

It being an all-ages event, we were able to invite friends and family members who normally don't have the opportunity to attend our shows. Tim's son got to come up on stage during one of the guitar solos, and he seemed witnessing this side of his dad.;-) My friend Lisa Johnson (or Lisa Thomas, as I will ever remember her; there was a joke with our names, it was a whole thing) was in attendance with her family. Not only was it her first time ever seeing the band, but she and I hadn't met face to face in almost a decade. Wish there had been a camera on hand.

I think we played well, though there were some gear glitches and "Mr Serious" was wobbly in places. Nice to have Flanders back on board, and his band Double Helix (who I had heard on record, but never seen live) kicked copious amounts of ass in the opening slot. My only major regret about the show was that we got off to a late start and the city's noise ordinance kicked in a lot sooner than expected. If I had realized just how seriously up against the clock we were, I would have made a few cuts earlier in the set. As it was, we had to cut most of end-of-show crowd pleasers ("Money", "Comfortably Numb", etc) and that was unfortunate. I felt especially bad about not being able to let Juli tear into "Great Gig In The Sky", which would have killed with this crowd.

Ultimately this show was a heartening experience for the reminder that folks here in Utah (and SLC in particular) are still interested in what we do. As I have mentioned before, working the club scene here in town has become more and more of a struggle for us over the past little while. The show is better than ever, and we throw as much advertising muscle as we can reasonably afford behind it, and we've played some good venues and had some good audiences, but nothing like the heady days of The Zephyr and Harry O's. The response to this gig proves that our local audience is still out there, and then some...we just need to find better ways to reach them.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to see us. If you were one of the several people taking pics, feel free to e-mail them in and we'll be more than happy to post them.

shine on,