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Date: Tue 14 Jun, 2005 at 12:56
Headline: Gentlemen, Start Your Zambonis!

Greetings & Salutations!

Well, it's official: PINK FLOYD will be reuniting on July 2 for a performance at the Live8 Concert in Hyde Park, London.


Rumors of this kind are constantly swirling around long-disbanded groups like PF, especially on the Interthingy, so after a while you learn not to take them seriously. But this report from the BBC seemed pretty authoritative, and was followed up shortly by an announcement from the official Pink Floyd web site, sealing the deal.

Considering that the ice has been slowly melting between Roger Waters and his ex-bandmates over the past few years, this news really shouldn't come as much of a shock...but it still kinda does. I'm a 2nd-generation Floyd fan (see previous story for more fun with that theme) so my only experience of the classic 70's lineup of the band has been vicarious, and the conflicts which tore them apart more than two decades ago have become the stuff of legend. David Fricke put it best in an article he penned for Rolling Stone some years ago: "It's as if they exist in parallel universes, each battling visions of the other's monstrosity."

Even if it's for just one show -- especially if it's just for one show -- this is going to be something special. :)