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Date: Wed 13 Apr, 2005 at 00:46
Headline: Out In The Cold

Greetings & Salutations!

Sunday's gig @ The Canyons was fun, but cold. Damn cold. Not as cold as it was when I played there a few years ago with Jupiter in the middle of December (what were we thinking?), but still...very cold. Despite my best efforts to keep my hands warm (and warmed-up), I started to feel the tendons in my left thumb twitching in a dangerously cavalier manner by the time we got to the last song. Still, a cool gig. We called the set as we went along, got a chance to give 'Clarity' another whirl in front of a live audience (should have done a few more new tunes, but I chickened out and stuck with Floydian crowd-pleasers for the most part) and generally had a good time doing our thing.

Carl Roehmann stopped by and we had a chance to catch up with him and chat a little about what he's been up to with his band Velocity Son. Mike Thiriot from Cold Fire also showed up to hang out for a while. Carl commented on all of the "upgrading" that our gear has undergone recently, which has been such a gradual process over the past several months that I hadn't really thought about it. He's right, though: Greg has his new set of DWs, Tim got a second Fender Strat and replaced all of his sound processing gear, Matt has 'em both beat with the acquisition of a new Strat, a Paul Reed Smith, midi pedals to assist with his musical multi-tasking, and various bits and bobs along the way. We even took a few ducats out of the band fund to buy a new projection screen earlier this year. Seems the only guy who hasn't yet hopped on the train is yours truly...but I hope to remedy that soon. I'm pretty happy with my refurbished Frankenstien-esque Fender Jazz serving as my primary bass, but I really ought to have a better amp to play it through, and for a while I've been aware that I could use a permanent FX set-up -- especially if we ever want to bring 'One Of These Days' back into the set. :D Money has been a little less tight around Casa De Bowers lately, so perhaps I'll finally be able to put all of that in motion soon.

Off to Colorado in about 36 hours....