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Date: Mon 04 Apr, 2005 at 17:03
Headline: Rock Among The Dinosaurs

Greetings & Salutations!

Last Thursday's gig in Vernal went well. We had planned on a longer weekend run to go with it, but the other proposed shows ended up falling through. Bit disappointing, but I insisted that we keep our appointment in Dinosaurland anyway, as we had been working that contact for some time, and I'm glad we did. I think Club XS will prove to be a very valuable pivot point for setting up runs between here and gigs in the Rockies &/or Southwest US.

Club management and crew were very cool, ready with helping hands for load-in, and we got through our soundcheck in record time. During dinner, we kept reflexively checking our watches because we're so used to being rushed, then relaxing when we realized that things were more or less proceeding on schedule for once.

Though we had a few glitches at the top of the night, both musical and technical, we eventually settled into our groove and the rest of the show was a lot of fun. The balance of tunes was good -- I think I've finally found a great, workable sax-less set list for use when Flanders is unable to join us. The only problem was a lack of Old Skool, but I think we can remedy that while staying in the basic structure. When we hit Colorado again later this month, perhaps the Barrett Medley should make a return appearance...


In doing two long sets, we were able to add another SoN original ('Visiting Mussolini') into the mix. Unlike 'Mr Serious', which we payed in the first half of the show and were sure to announce as original (along with a shameless plug for SoN CDs & merch), we snuck 'Mussolini' quietly into the second set between 'Great Gig' and 'Brain Damage', and it already has such a Floydian vibe that I'll bet that a sizeable chunk of the crowd didn't even notice the deviation. Too bad we're gonna have to lay down the "official" version on the CD before giving it a chance to be thoroughly tightened up in concert, the way 'Mr Serious' has been over the past several months, but I have no doubt that it will continue to improve as long as we keep it in the rotation. It's already come a long way since the first performance @ DV8.

Came home to a surprising last-minute offer from The Canyons in Park City. We will be playing during their end-of-season festivities this Sunday, April 10. Daylight show, so we won't be able to do video and whatnot, but should be fun nonetheless.

More to come...