Sons Of Nothing
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Date: Sat 26 Mar, 2005 at 18:58
Headline: Interstate Blogging
------------------------------'s the thing: I'm heading down I-15 at a brisk clip, using the edges of my fingernails to type this entry on a keypad small enough disappear inside my palm, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that I have nothing to say. Fozz and I are heading to tonight's gig at DV8, and I think the primary reason that I'm doing this at all (the typing, not the gig) is to keep HIM from typing while driving....which he has been prone to doing since acquiring this fabulous new toy of his. We're just passing the remains of the Zephyr and I will have to exit the car shortly, so I'll conclude with this parting thought: "HELP! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT's SWEET & GOOD, SOMEBODY GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!"