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Date: Mon 21 Mar, 2005 at 23:18
Headline: March Madness!

Greetings & Salutations!

Things are starting to get a little crazier than usual around here...

Recording Madness!

The main thing about recording that is driving me mad at the moment is that we haven't actually started yet. Too many things keep getting in the way, not the least of which is that we can't seem to stop writing. Right now the catalog of completed and semi-completed songs is sitting at 22, and the well shows no signs of drying up anytime soon. Are double-albums still legal in 2005? ;-)

Writing Madness!

Don't get me wrong -- as problems go it's a great problem to have. Last year at this time, things were moving very slowly and I was beginning to wonder if we were ever gonna get into a solid writing groove, so this abundance is definitely appreciated. It's just a bit of a distraction in general, and the bigger the inventory gets, the more difficult it's gonna be to choose the running order for a CD when the time comes. Up until recently, I thought I had a very good handle on the shape that this next collection of songs would take, now I'm not so sure. Like my obsession with re-jiggering a setlist right up to the last moment, I keep experimenting with different ideas. In the end, however, we'll most likely take a pragmatic approach. It's been way too long since we've put out any new music. One Left Turn was nearly two years ago, and even that was made up of songs that we had already been playing in the live set for a while. When things get right down to brass tacks and basic tracks, we'll go with what's already completed or closest to being so, and try to keep the lag time minimal between this CD release and the next one. :-) By early April, we should finally be down to business (he said, with fingers & toes firmly crossed) but first we have a few gigs to play. Which leads me to...

Booking Madness!

Once again, it's good news that things are shaping up so early in this department. We have a nice steady stream of local gigs spaced out over the next few months, and the out-of-town stuff is starting to come together nicely. The timing can be a little chaotic, though. Next week's gig at Club XS in Vernal came pretty much out of the blue. We weren't expecting to get out there until this summer, attached to another run through Colorado, but this earlier opportunity was just too good to pass up, so we'll be there with bells on! In the meantime, we're headed back to DV8 this Saturday to crank it up for the hometown crowd. I'm especially looking forward to playing a bunch of these new songs which thus far have not yet made it past the demo/rehearsal stage. Should be very interesting indeed...

bye for now