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Date: Sat 15 Sep, 2001 at 00:00
Headline: The Show Goes On

Greetings and Salutations!

Well, you know what they say...through rain or sleet or threat of destruction...

Thursday's show at the Urban Lounge was surreal and cathartic. There had been talk of cancelling the concert, not only because of the events fo this week but also specifically because a bomb threat had been called in that afternoon to the section of town where the Lounge is situated, but it was decided that we would soldier on. To my great surprise, we drew quite a large crowd. Some were there to see us, many more were there to see Fade, and still others were just hanging out and looking to escape grim reality for a while. I could relate.

This was our first time playing the Lounge, though both Tim and James had played there when it was known as The Holy Cow. The monitor mix was good, the stage was decent, and surprisingly well-lit also. It made for an interesting test drive before we go back to headline the place in October.

The band played well. Tim and I especially are starting to loosen up in our performance. Watching a videotape of the show tonight, I am unsure that a man of my, er...girth gyrating all over a stage is something that anyone should necessarily have to witness, but it could be worse: I could be overweight and boring. ;)

Through the entire experiece, I had one question on my mind: should I address the events of this past week? I honestly didn't know what, if anything, to say. At one point, I was asked to lead everyone in a toast to America, so I raised my glass -- well, water jug -- and the entire population of the bar joined in. I then quickly made a few jokes and got us into the next song, as I feared that if I started to talk I would only ramble and pontificate uselessly. I figured that anyone who had actually bothered to come out that night was there to be entertained, not to have awkward speeches made. They're getting enough of that on the news, I expect.

It felt weird, though. Song lyrics that I had written years before under entirely different circumstances and about entirely different subjects were suddenly heavy with new meaning and me, at least. I don't know if anyone in the audience was really concentrating on the words (or could even hear them, for thatmatter) but they seemed to enjoy the show nonetheless.

When Fade took the stage, their lead singer Dean actually did make some comments that spoke to recent events, and did a much better job thatn I could have. He mentioned how all of this felt trivial in the greater scheme of things, but that perhaps enjoying each other's company and good music was as much of an antidote to the problems facing us as anything. I was grateful for that.

Fade was fantastic, by the way. They have solid musicians, tight grooves, great lyrics, a seamless blend of pop/rock sensibilities and hip-hop style that you just do not find around here too often, and one hell of a frontman. Dean is a real rock star, the genuine article. I don't know exactly how he'd feel about hearing that, but I do mean it as a compliment. Although we were something if a desperation move for them (they had a couple of opening bands cancel already and we knew of each other through a mutual friend) and our styles are fairly different, I do hope we can hook up again sometime in the future. We enjoyed the experience tremendously.

I stayed for a while after their set, soaking up the atmosphere in the club, signing folks to the mailing list, and not wanting to step out the door. I knew that once I did, I would have to go back to reality...and right now reality ain't so hot.

No more gigs planned 'till October, but you never know when something like this Thursday will come up. We'll take whatever opportunities come our way.

bye for now,

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers