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Date: Tue 25 Jan, 2005 at 21:21
Headline: Thank You, Colorado!

Greetings & Salutations!

Three shows in three nights, each more exciting and adrenalizing than the previous one. Lots of musical ground covered, some of the best sound, lighting & visuals this band has ever experienced, and much fun had both on and off the stage.

So many highlights, it's tough for me to organize it into anything approaching a coherent narrative (or at least a brief one) so I'll just say this: to all the venue staff, crew, media folks, and especially the amazing audiences in both Vail & Steamboat: THANK YOU! Even those who approached with skepticism left as fans & friends by the end of each show. It was a great pleasure to, as the I-Joy infomercial dude says, "work you in all the necessary areas", and have the favor returned a hundred-fold. We're set to head back to Colorado later this Spring, so we'll be seeing you again very soon.


Shine On,