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Date: Tue 11 Jan, 2005 at 00:15
Headline: It Is The Year 2005...

Greetings & Salutations!

(and another belated Happy New Year!)

Ok, seven weeks is waaaaaay too long to go without posting but things have been a little crazy, so here's just a quick glimpse of what's happening in SoNWorld...

Preparations for next week's return to Colorado are under way. We're bringing Flanders along this time, so there will be many more sax-flavored tunes in the FloydShow than before (I'm particularly excited to whip out 'The Gunner's Dream' again), and since we're set up for a two-night stand in Vail, there will be substantial differences in each set list. 2005 represents the 30th anniversary of Wish You Were Here, the full performance of which will be the centerpiece of many of our shows this year. It's my favorite PF album, so no complaints here! :-D

Before heading out on the road, we'll be kicking off a new year of gigs with this Friday's performance @ Cisero's in Park City. Another intimate show, with requests more than welcome as always. Come one, come all!

On the CD front, we're ready to begin recording in earnest. There are 17 new songs vying for a slot, which we will probably whittle down to 10-12 once we've seen which material hangs together best. Right now, the release is tentatively scheduled for May, and we're looking into an appropriate local place for a CD release party. Details as they emerge.

Finally, we'll be posting some new live tracks on the site soon, so grab 'Shine On' & 'Mr Serious' while you can!

bye for now,