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Date: Sun 14 Nov, 2004 at 17:45
Headline: I.A.

Greetings & Salutations!

So, it's been a fun weekend...

Impressive Aussies

Getting to check out the Australian Pink Floyd on Friday was a nice surprise. I went down to the E Center to hang with Tim (who was going with a date) and do a little advertising for SoN. As I was canvassing the parking lot, I ran into Greg and his wife, who had decided on a whim to go to the show, and they offered to grab a ticket for me as well. Thanks again, guys!. :)

Our seats were in Row 11, which was close enough to study the musical proceedings while being far back enough to appreciate the spectacle -- and a spectacle it was. Pretty much the same level of technological sophistication as the Floyd themselves on their Division Bell tour, though of course scaled down considerably. They made some cool choices in the set list (setting 'Careful WIth That Axe Eugene' and 'One Of These Days' back to back was an especially nice touch) and played like pros. Once I was able to get past my blinding jealousy of their production and marketing capital, I found it all quite inspiring.

I didn't really have a chance to compare notes with Greg & Tim afterwards, as I was too busy passing out SoN-related promotional materials. I ran through the few hundred flyers I had been carrying at an alarmingly quick pace, and had to go back to the car for more. I spent the next 30 minutes or so distributing every scrap of paper I had with our name on it in the parking lot, and returned home feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. Everyone was friendly and receptive, and while it was great to run into the occasional person who knew of us, even better was realizing that I was spreading word of the band into uncharted mainstream territory. It's been a frustration of ours for some time that we have had so much trouble promoting ourselves locally beyond the club scene, simply because we haven't had the money or media clout at our disposal. Friday night provided a useful loophole in the system, and hopefully one that will bring us some new fans.

Invincible Animation

Let me just say this: I don't need to see any more superhero movies. I say this not because I dislike them -- far from it, the recent renaissance of the genre has been glorious -- but because in my opinion there's no possible way that Pixar's The Incredibles can be topped.

I took in the midnight premiere a couple of weeks ago, then my wife and I took our daughter to see it this weekend for her birthday. I was, if anything, more impressed upon the second viewing. The story, the characters, the animation, the voicework, the design, the score, the humor, the action, the emotion, the embrace of the genre while still poking some fun at it...all as close to perfet as a fanboy like me could ever want. It now occupies a place of honor next to X2, Unbreakable and the original Superman on my all-time best list, and I'll be first in line to grab a copy of the DVD.

(and on a side note, I'm happy to see writer/director Brad Bird, creator of the criminally underrated The Iron Giant, finally getting the blockbuster that he deserves. Congrats!)

Into Action

We're revving up for this Friday's gig at Liquid Joe's, which will be our last of the year. As a treat for our hometown friends who have been so good to us over the past few years, we're going to be cutting our opening set and filling the time with extra Floyd -- including over a dozen songs that the Aussies didn't play! ;)

Shine On,