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Date: Tue 11 Sep, 2001 at 00:00
Headline: September 11th

September 11th.

It is my parents' wedding anniversary.

It is the birthday of one of my favorite musicians.

And now it shall be known forevermore as something...other.

It seems rather vain that I should even be entertaining the notion that anyone would care what I have to say on the matter, however oblique. But as I sit in my home with a splitting headache and weary eyes at 11:24pm on September 11th in the Year of Our Lord 2001, one thing continues to reassert itself in my mind, and I feel that I must make it a matter of record...if only to satisfy my own soul.

It is this: I spent the evening of September 10th 2001 in my home, attending to the every whim and fancy of my 10-month-old daughter.

Having gone to bed that night feeling in my heart and soul that all was as right as could be in this best of all possible worlds and now suspecting that it may be a long time before I take that feeling for granted again, I am compelled to take some comfort in the knowledge that I spent the calm before the storm basking in the love of the innocent, rather than focusing my energies on the waywardness of business or any other selfish, petty, fundamentally unimportant matters -- which, shamefully, has been my wont of late.

The words of another man in a similar essay written today read, in part, "We will not be held hostage by the insanity of a few". I agree. Life, inevitably, goes on...and living it is the only way to truly combat today's attempt at global demoralization. If that sounds flippant, or naive, or oversimplified, or pollyana-ish, or reeks of insensitive pragmatism and denial in the face of such overwhelming tragedy...well, so be it. It remains the truth, and is sustained for me every time I look into my daughter's eyes.

I don't know for certain if the gig on Thursday is still on, but I assume so. I will be sure to let everyone know via the sons-announce list if our plans change.

your humble correspondent
Thom Bowers