Sons Of Nothing
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Still Believe

lyrics & music by Thom Bowers & Rick Kreifeldt

© 1995, 2001 Sucherman Bros Records all rights reserved.

my god's bigger than your god
cross this line and you die
set the holy land free
it's still not free

killing for the prince of peace
killing what he's offering
slay the sinners
we're the sinners

do you still believe in a god above
one who will come down in a dream
to show you peace, show you love
do you still believe

bullets ripping through your sleep
suburban turf I've gotta keep
it's me or him
no one wins

pusher junkie got no hope
hooker with a hangman's rope
you're killing me
I'm killing me

if you still believe in common man
give a hand to your brother, help him up
just one act of kindness saves
if you still believe

where do we go from here
how are we gonna make it right
where do we go, tell me
what do we really know

in spite of all the danger
I keep asking
what do I believe

see now that they've got to you
they tell you what you make them do
but that ain't love
that ain't love

do you think you'll die alone
cursing what you've never known
you're afraid
we're all afraid

and I know that we'll change
there are no guarantees
but I still believe we'll find our way
I still believe in the words we said
I still believe
in you and me

© Copyright 2001-2014 Sons Of Nothing