Sons Of Nothing
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Illumination (The River Song)

lyrics & music by Thom Bowers

© 1996, 2001 Sucherman Bros Records all rights reserved.

take me back to the river
take me down to the shore
show me a sign of the times
what my future has in store

take me back to the river
lead me into the light
take me back to where it all began
take me home tonight

how long can this storm go on
I've never felt it hit this strong
here I am waiting for a sign
tonight I've got so much to say
this time it won't be thrown away
you could say that I've planned the perfect crime
but I'm running short on time

illumination cover me
take away my sleep

all the demons old and new
they fuel my fear, my deja vu
try to teach what I don't want to know
I've had enough philosophy
got to keep my sanity
got to get back to where the river flows
it seems so close

illumination steer me right
get me through this fright

the sky is clearing, now i see
through the storm surrounding me
and I still hear the thunder roll
but I can justify my soul

illumination send me up the stream
in a journey of a thousand steps
one is all I need

take me back to the river
take me down to the shore
I'm ready to face my destiny
I don't fear the truth no more

© Copyright 2001-2014 Sons Of Nothing