Sons Of Nothing
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Poison Ivy

lyrics & music by J Konig

© 2001 Sucherman Bros records, all rights reserved.

watch out for poison ivy
she will start a fire in you
the itch will burn you wildly
and there's nothing you can do

nothing you can do

altered states within my system
I chase a dream far from home
beside myself I sit and listen
evil within takes control

she took my soul

I hope to see you in the morning
what heaven that would be
to wake up with you next to me
I hope to see you in the morning

like a babe lost in toyland
a child in a candy store
you fell into that wasteland
but you wanted so much more

wanted so much more

a sketch artist drew me a picture of you
but the cat's eye offered a different view
it's a conspiracy of love
like Bogey up above
play it again
I think I'm in love with you

© Copyright 2001-2014 Sons Of Nothing