Sons Of Nothing
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Nine Lives

lyrics & music by Thom Bowers & Rick Kreifeldt

©1996, 2001 Sucherman Bros Records All rights reserved

bill the cat knows where it's at
prowlin' round town, no responsibilities
kickin' the cans, knockin' the fences
master of his destiny

don't try to tie him down with balls of yarn
brightly coloured
cause he'll be slinkin' round, looking for
another bowl of milk
he will pretend to love you

cats have nine lives
still I wonder why
we even try
after wasting three or five
cats have nine lives
so they say
gotta spread their paws and fly
gotta catch them birdies in the sky

ain't too concerned about where he goes
where he's been or who he knows
ain't gonna take no job just sittin' looking cute
it ain't right for a tomcat, playing puss'n'boots

don't try to dress him up in pretty bows
brightly coloured
don't you call him "baby"
he's a fighter, not a snuggler
you just get 30 seconds
well, that's your problem

© Copyright 2001-2014 Sons Of Nothing