Sons Of Nothing
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In Between

lyrics & music by Thom Bowers

© 1998, 2001 Sucherman Bros Records all rights reserved.

live a life of hunger
desperation clawing at your seams
live a life of shelter
no idea what the real world means
live a life of danger
fight the fight that no one sees
live a life together
come on and take a chance on me

living for tomorrow
plot the future as far as you can see
live a life in riches
too much lap in your luxury
be a sole survivor
or make the contact to set you free
looking for an answer
if you ask you will receive

we go in alone
what you gonna do with your in between
we go out alone
what you gonna do with your in between

I've lived my life a prisoner
but black and white weren't enough for me
I've lived my life in sorrow
but there is only so much you can bleed
I've been a sole survivor
but alien sky was all that I could see
now I see the future
we're all we've got
you've got to believe

© Copyright 2001-2014 Sons Of Nothing