Sons Of Nothing
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The Big Truth

lyrics & music by Thom Bowers
(special thanks to J Konig for lyrical viagra)

© 1998, 2001 Sucherman Bros Records all rights reserved.

wasting my time, stealing myself
my mind is playing tricks on me
time after time I've tried to let it go
but the night is young and she won't let me be

I want to breathe in a million stars
try to separate the truth from the lies
get a grip, get an m.s. get it all together
exhale pollution from my mind

day by day and every day
I'm getting stronger
what I want and all I want
is getting smaller

the power and the glory reduced to soundbytes
the brain is living but they've broken the heart
and the old cliches are all I'm hearing
mumbling mantras to myself in the dark

"don't sweat the petty things, don't pet the sweaty things"
"don't let the bastards grind you down"
"take care and stay alive" was what I believed
but there's no one left to turn this ship around

I lay awake while the world is sleeping
I overdose on solitude
I lay awake, wonder where I came from
I hear the birds sing to me at night

so if the truth is out there, here's to the future
here's to proving that it's no too late
to jump over the moon, breathe in the stars
purge our souls while we pray for rain

we can flood this place
we can tell it like it is
we can separate the truth from the lies
but business is business
and time will never be on our side

© Copyright 2001-2014 Sons Of Nothing